Bachelorette 16ep3: Searching for Dale

As we come close to what is probably the end of Clare’s run as the Bachelorette, despite a lot of one-dimensional characters, including Clare and her already-designated fiancĂ© Dale, there is actually a lot to debate, from microaggressions to emotes to fault to triggers to… Dale’s split pants. We try to make sense of it all in typical Bachelor Masters style, and we’d love to have you along for the ride… hit the play button and join us!

Bachelorette 15ep2: Starting genuinelingly

In this episode we try to talk sensitively about Alabama’s new legislation, drag queen culture, white people spectatorship, Luke P’s genuineness, Cam’s genuineness, weddings, Luke P again, massage rooms, shirts off, walls down, and, because he forces our hand after the rose ceremony, Luke P again. To keep us on track, Recorded Chris makes an appearance! If that in itself isn’t reason to hit the play button, then all of our sensitively must be!

Bachelorette 15ep1: Have rose, no jacket

For what is probably the first time in Bachelor Masters history, Co-host Craig actually likes the episode. And this is wild too: Co-host Iciar doesn’t like the episode. At least that’s what both of them say before going on about Hannah, that Scott guy, that Luke guy, why she even gives roses to any of the guys, jackets, morality, quitting jobs, and, well, that Luke guy again. It’s all here in our third podcast episode of the season! We’re still sans Chris, but please listen anyway!