Bachelor 23Ep9&WTA: Sex sells… but who’s selling?

We take the gloves off and dive deep into the Fantasy Suites. Which is funny because Colton himself didn’t “deep dive” in the Fantasy Suites. But enough innuendo! We debate the particulars of love, casual sex, heartbreak, feelings, and Cassie’s dad for a whole hour. After that we get around to tangenting and talk about Craig meeting the Angry Video Game Nerd and the Gaming Historian (even though Craig isn’t a gamer). Hit play and join us for what could be our penultimate podcast episode!

Bachelor 23ep2: 50, 100, or… zero

Since all dudes, of course, ask each other how many people they’ve slept with we thought we’d go ahead and name this podcast episode after Colton’s big on-stage reveal of zero. But to all listeners: we agree with you, this virginity thing is old. Let’s move on to something else. Like Co-host Chris being back! He is, in fact, back and refreshed from a fun vacation. Hear him and us other two co-hosts tangent down this week’s Bachelor by clicking play. You’ll have fun! Three person episode!