Bachelorette Countdown: Roll Tide and Fight On

We start our third year of the podcast in style, by which we mean the Neo-Socratic style. Eventually our attention turns to the contestants by way of introducing Mark (The Fourth Bachelor Master) on-air, chatting about Alabama (Roll Tide) and USC (Fight On), talking about Cassie and Colton’s new digs down the hall from each other, and, most importantly, Co-host Iciar and Mark’s hang-out sesh with Leo (!!!) at a comedy club. Hit play and join us! No Endgame or Game of Thrones spoilers!

Bachelor 23Ep7: What Is To Be Done?

It seems that our last podcast episode was too nice on the Bachelor franchise so we overcompensate by being pretty mean and upset on this one. Particularly, what’s up with the fence not being jumped? This may seem like a small thing but Co-host Craig makes it into a big deal. And, kidding aside, we feel that the Women of Color on the show are being unfairly treated by the other contestants and the producers. If you like tangents, you’ll like this episode. Press play and join us!