Bachelor 24ep2: Chekhov’s Champagne

The Bachelor Masters
Bachelor 24ep2: Chekhov's Champagne

Unlike our last podcast episode we actually get to talking about the show pretty quickly in this podcast episode. Chekhov’s Champagne? It’s just like Chekhov’s Gun, except it’s… champagne. As in, Kelsey’s Des Moines Meltdown was predetermined by Bachelor producers. We also discuss Hannah B’s presence, Hannah Anne’s (lack of?) innocence, Tyler’s (lack of?) romancing in real life, and, all kidding aside, the problem of the show presenting Victoria F as a new, insecure model when she put on some really awful gear for a photo shoot a couple years ago. This leads to a broader discussion on race in America. It’d be awesome to have you along, so hit the play button and join us!