Bachelorette MTA&11: Zac wants kids, now America loves him

What can we say, we’re confused by Bachelor Nation’s love for Zac. It seems that the pivotal moment in his rise is his declaration that Tayshia has made him want to marry and have kids. Doesn’t that bump any guy’s score up? We discuss all of that in length along with the Men Tell All (which wasn’t that good), Ben (who suddenly seems like a villain), Brendon and Ivan (not much to say there), and wrap up with our usual Fashion Roundup (for which there’s a lot to say). Hit the play button and join us!

Bachelor 23Ep8: Live from East Hollywood!

Surprise! We recorded live from an East Hollywood Bachelor Watch Party last night hosted by awesome Bachelor Masters fans Miriam and Leah! Note that we cut out various pauses, breaks, and times when we weren’t talking because we were watching the episode (more like cringing at the episode) which takes it down to about an hour. Come along for the ride in what is our first live remote!