Bachelor 25ep3: The Long Goodbye

It took a long time for Sarah to say goodbye in this episode, but it’s not just the exit that makes us think of the movie, The Long Goodbye. Rather, it’s the self-obsession, the meaninglessness of friendships and love, that links the Bachelor to the film. Know what we mean? Well, even if you don’t, you can still listen to this podcast episode because we have lots of interesting conversation around Sarah, Victoria, Katie, Rachel, Serena, and, of course, Matt, who we grill during our Fashion Roundup. Join us for all of the topics and all the fun by clicking the play button!

Bachelor 23Ep8: Live from East Hollywood!

Surprise! We recorded live from an East Hollywood Bachelor Watch Party last night hosted by awesome Bachelor Masters fans Miriam and Leah! Note that we cut out various pauses, breaks, and times when we weren’t talking because we were watching the episode (more like cringing at the episode) which takes it down to about an hour. Come along for the ride in what is our first live remote!