Bachelor in Paradise 5ep10&11: All not good things…

It’s the end of a long year that took us from Arie and Lauren to Becca and Garrett to… Chris and Krystal?  But hey, it wasn’t that bad, was it?  In our final podcast of the season we recap the last two episodes of Bachelor in Paradise and reflect on the various scandals that have erupted over the past few days. Because what better way to kick off four months of no Bachelor than some juicy semi-confirmed gossip? We’d love to have you along for the ride so hit the play button and join us for all of the fun!

Bachelor in Paradise 5ep8&9: Where sex happens

It seems like sex happened for the various couples, at least if their morning glow is to be believed.  In the case of Annaliese, she spelled it out right in front of the camera and to Kamil after he… came back from a date with another woman.  And speaking of that other woman, is she any more of a witch than the rest of the women who cleanse themselves with sage? We cover this and everything else… hit the play button and join us!

Bachelor in Paradise 5ep6&7: I’m all in until morning

Who likes who? Who loves who? Better yet, who loves who until someone else comes walking down those stairs tomorrow morning? We go through each couple/triangle in detail while also giving those who deserve it their dues.  Like Leo.  And Venmo.  Hit “play” and join us!

Bachelorette 14MTA Proposal 1ep7: The unbearable lightness of broadcasting

What kind of podcasters would we be if we skipped The Men Tell All just because it was bad? We probably make the episode out to be worse than it actually was–if Twitter is a judge many watching at home liked, for example, Jordan’s antics. So we talk about that but also a bunch of other things to fill up time.  It’s actually pretty entertaining, we think, but then again we might be misjudging you folks listening at home.

Bachelorette 13ep11: Who loves who now?

Come one come all to the three hour finale breakdown with Craig and Chris as we once again tangent wildly while trying hard to stick to the story.  You know, the story about Rachel finding love with Peter… or, Bryan. We actually have a few wildly different takes on the whole situation so listen in as we make sense of it all!