Bachelorette 16ep12&13: Zac to the future

Listen in to our action-packed podcast season finale where we break down an ice bath, synchronized breathing, our problems with Zac, Twitter quibbles, whether this season was fake Bachelor-produced nonsense, a proposal, blood-diamonds, and a lot more. We end with our usual Fashion Roundup where we talk about symmetry, lingerie, the 90s, and t-shirts. It’s all here and we’d love for you to hit the play button!

Bachelorette 16ep8: Stripping for money and love

Our podcast episode starts off with Co-host Craig revealing some activities of his past that, believe it or not, relate to Ben getting naked during the group art date. This leads to Co-host Iciar and Co-host Caitlin telling some of their memories. Then, believe it or not, we talk about what happens on the show including more about art and Surrealism, Eazy blowing it, Zac being a creeper/non-creeper, and some thoughts on Tayshia. Hit the play button and join us!

Bachelorette 16ep7: On Ivan’s culpability

As you might suspect, we Bachelor Masters have a few things to say about Ivan and Tayshia’s conversation about race, the police, and prisons. We take some angles you might not expect and try to carefully articulate our positions. This is unlike Ed, who in his intervals on the show has trouble articulating anything especially to Chris Harrison at their late-night rendezvous. We then get to other parts of the episode, such as, ya know, orgasming through a loud speaker. It’s all here in this podcast episode, so hit the play button and join us!

Bachelorette 16ep5: An influencer’s life

In this podcast episode we talk about condom use, whether Dale is self-aware, Clare being extra, Tayshia’s men (old and new), who Co-host Iciar thinks Tayshia might end up with, Orange County and San Diego, whether we would want to be social media influencers (Co-host Craig would), Instagram boyfriends, Orange Robby, service jobs, cover bands, and the Fashion Roundup which includes sandals with dress pants… all with the usual, critical Bachelor Masters edge. Click the play button and join us!

Bachelorette 16ep4: Deleuze and the point system

We start off talking about Co-host Iciar’s eerily similar parent-meeting story to Dale and Clare’s parent-meeting stories then get into Co-host Craig’s favorite topic, the point system. If you don’t know about the point system, you’ll get a refresher and even a mention of Deleuze (because a neutral observer is the best observer?). Co-host Caitlin chimes in with some stories of her own to flush out this story-based podcast episode. Hit the play button and join us!

Bachelorette 16ep3: Searching for Dale

As we come close to what is probably the end of Clare’s run as the Bachelorette, despite a lot of one-dimensional characters, including Clare and her already-designated fiancĂ© Dale, there is actually a lot to debate, from microaggressions to emotes to fault to triggers to… Dale’s split pants. We try to make sense of it all in typical Bachelor Masters style, and we’d love to have you along for the ride… hit the play button and join us!

Bachelorette 16ep2: Pause for effect

The Bachelorette didn’t disappoint in this second installment of the season, and we break down every point in keen Bachelor Masters style. Consider, for example, the long pause that made Clare unravel as the episode got going. Was it indeed a long pause, or a short one that just seemed long because someone coughed? But more importantly, how does Clare’s unravelling fit into a personality that our Co-hosts have identified over four-plus seasons of watching her on the franchise? All this and love languages, red flags, Dodge Ball, and the Fashion Roundup in this action-packed podcast episode!

Bachelorette Countdown: In until you’re not

We’re back after five and a half big ones (months) with our countdown to the new season. Featuring Clare, or Tayshia, and 32, or 57, men, and recorded at La Quinta, the resort not the budget motel, we run down what we think might happen when Clare is in until she’s not and also run over some of the guys that we think will be on the show until they’re not. We keep on about Clare-as-Bachelorette and also chat Matt James-as-Bachelor, Colton and Cassie, anesthesiologists, and all the things that come with those topics. Hit the play button and join us for this awesome, action-packed countdown episode!

Bachelorette 15epMTA&12&13: Revengers Endgame

Here’s our final episode of the season before we take the long break until next week for the start of Bachelor in Paradise. We could try to list everything we talk about here, but it’s weaved together so nicely in the audio we wouldn’t do it justice. Hey, it’s been a long season so we think we’re allowed to pat ourselves on the back? Like Jed did when he “won the show”? Click the play button and join us, and sorry for the bad sound quality: blame Skype, or Spectrum internet, or both!

Bachelorette 15ep10: Similarly in love

Just in time for your Sunday podcast listening the Bachelor Masters come at you with an episode that might accidentally equate Peter to astronauts, still wonders what people see in Tyler, critically examines Jed’s manipulation, and coins the phrase “evangelical boxing.” Actually we don’t know if we say evangelical boxing in this episode or if Co-host Craig came up with it while writing this description, it’s late in the week now and he’s in Ohio where the heat and humidity is impacting his memory. Whether we did or didn’t, Co-host Iciar definitely coins the phrase, “similarly in love,” so you’ll definitely enjoy this episode! Click the play button and let’s go!