Bachelor 25ep2: The puffy dress

Just like Seinfeld had the puffy shirt, this episode has the puffy dress, which we talk about throughout our podcast and also during the Fashion Roundup. And whoa is there some fashion, such as Matt’s jackets, Victoria (again…) in her purple PJs, and Franco’s pink getup. Unrelated to fashion, we critique young parents, talk about leaving one’s caretaker duties for a reality show, and speculate on why Victoria (again, yeesh…) goes after Marylynn. It’s all here rapid-fire and we’d love for you to hit play and join us!

Bachelorette 16ep1: 39 is the new 39

It takes us a little while to ease into talking about the episode, getting caught up in the elections, drug policy, file formats, and shout outs, but once we do we dig in deep (as we usually do) to many different topics which makes this a longer Bachelor Masters podcast. Age, fertility, Clare’s history, COVID testing, quarantining, health, masculinity, dentists, Harvard, and, of course, fashion, are all on the table. Hit the play button and join in!

Bachelor 24ep10&AFR: Failure to succeed

We jump into the ring that countless other media have jumped into: Barb and her… lively… display on After the Final Rose. We argue over Madison vs Barb and include hard statistics in the form of the results from an Instagram story poll along with, per usual for us Bachelor Masters, clips of the two in their own words. We then follow with a mega Fashion Roundup that you won’t want to miss! It’s all here in the last podcast episode of the Bachelor season before we come back in a few weeks for the song-orientated Bachelor show. Hit the play button and join us!

Bachelor 24 WTA: Insta argument

This Women Tell All was filled with arguments, and our podcast is, per usual, filled with arguments. But these are special, Insta, arguments: the influencers talking over each other and coming to no conclusions, and us arguing over an actual Instagram post put up by Co-host Iciar. So if you like arguments, or you liked our Instagram post, or you didn’t, or you don’t like Instagram, or you do, hit the play button and join us for an our of argumentative and insightful fun!

Bachelor 24ep8: Hook, sex, baby talk

We betcha we’re the only podcast around that has lined up actual audio of Madison and last season’s Luke P and played them back-to-back in order to see how their approaches to celibacy (for themselves and others) are similar or different. Related, we then talk for a while about nihilism and setting restraints on one’s self (and one’s life). Believe it or not, we limit our tangents resulting in a podcast episode that is actually really focused on the show. We know, right??

Bachelor 24ep7: My Two Dads

Dads take center stage in this recap of four hometown dates, particularly the two dads who feel that they need to protect their daughters. From Peter? It seems so, especially when moms chime in with quips such as, “Don’t go breaking my daughter’s heart.” We get to all of this and a lot more, including some insider knowledge of Virginia Beach, another tear down of Victoria F, and some speculation on what’s next. Hit the play button and join us!

Bachelor 24ep6: Lovin’ in Lima?

A few conversations from our last podcast episode are continued in this podcast episode, including Co-host Iciar’s questions about what happens behind closed doors, or in this case, hot tubs. We also talk about the dates, confidence, being bored, education, isolation, religion, and even introduce a whole new Bachelor Masters segment called the Ice Skating Minute featuring Co-host Caitlin. We seem to be recording longer episodes these days so we hope you’ll hang with us past the hour marker now and in the future! Hit the play button and join us!

Bachelor 24ep5: Monster in the mirror

Many hours of the Bachelor this week begets a longer podcast episode. We try to stick to Bachelor Masters deep dives into topics rather than moving sequentially through the scenes, with some tangents sprinkled in. Whether we were successful in this task is up to you, dear listener, so hit the play button and join us for this ride along a path laid by Kelsey, Kelly, Peter, Sydney, Victoria P and Racist Victoria, and Tammy, who Co-host Craig thinks should look for the monster in the mirror before finding monsters in others.

Bachelor 24ep4: F ‘n P

Victoria F and Victoria P… Victoria P and Victoria F… as Co-host Caitlin puts it in this podcast episode, “I would like both of them to go home.” But why? What is triggering, for example, Co-host Craig’s vitriol of Victoria F given he usually doesn’t turn on contestants so definitively. And why is Co-host Iciar so down on Victoria P when she may be there for just the right reasons? We break this down and everything else, including mothers coddling kids and interesting middle names. Hit the play button and join us!

Bachelor 24ep3: Coltonizing

Los Angeles is a big place, so why are we only seeing Westlake Village line dancing bars? This is the question that kicks off our podcast episode and leads to some other deep thoughts, such as whether or not Peter has been Coltonized. What do we mean by that? You’ll have to listen in to find out! We’d love to have you along for the fun (and question-answering) so hit the play button and join us!