Bachelor 22ep5: An Ode to Fort Lauderdale

You know you love… Fort Lauderdale.  Who wouldn’t?  Seriously, we have no problem with the Florida city, in fact our co-host Chris has family in the area.  So why wouldn’t Arie want to take is cohort of women there?  We’ll discuss the various perils that await them in this marine town.  Come along for the breakdown!

Bachelor in Paradise 4ep9: The worst ending in Bachelor history

Taylor and Derek’s proposal was so difficult to watch that we compare it to The Exorcist. We also compare lots of other things to lots of different other things in what is now becoming typical tangential discussion on the Bachelor Masters.  We hope you like it and want to come back in a few months after the hiatus! If not, well, it’ll be a sendoff not unlike Taylor and Derek.

Bachelor in Paradise 4ep7&8: When we turned on our favs

It was bound to happen: the way this season is going it was only a matter of time before we saw the dark side of our favorite cast members. Raven, Kristina, The Twins… whether it is the editing or reality show fatigue the spark might be gone, but at least our displeasure makes great podcast fodder!