Bachelor Countdown: Where we try to recreate past successes

We’re back but probably not better than ever with our countdown to Bachelor 23.  Unlike last time we don’t have an epic tale of getting escorted off of the Warner Bros lot during a taping of The Proposal.  Consequently we stretch to some other stories from the hiatus, but, hey, this is the Bachelor Masters so you know they’ll be… tangential! And we do get to Colton and the women. Hit play and listen in to commit to over twelve hours of listening to us and another 25+ hours of The Bachelor!

Bachelor in Paradise 5ep10&11: All not good things…

It’s the end of a long year that took us from Arie and Lauren to Becca and Garrett to… Chris and Krystal?  But hey, it wasn’t that bad, was it?  In our final podcast of the season we recap the last two episodes of Bachelor in Paradise and reflect on the various scandals that have erupted over the past few days. Because what better way to kick off four months of no Bachelor than some juicy semi-confirmed gossip? We’d love to have you along for the ride so hit the play button and join us for all of the fun!

Bachelor in Paradise 5ep8&9: Where sex happens

It seems like sex happened for the various couples, at least if their morning glow is to be believed.  In the case of Annaliese, she spelled it out right in front of the camera and to Kamil after he… came back from a date with another woman.  And speaking of that other woman, is she any more of a witch than the rest of the women who cleanse themselves with sage? We cover this and everything else… hit the play button and join us!

Bachelor in Paradise 5ep4&5: Tia and whatever

We had to put Tia in the title of this episode, right, otherwise you’d think we weren’t paying attention.  But there’s a lot of other things that go on or whatever like making out and hooking up.  We go through each couple and date piece by piece and come to the conclusion that everyone is a… you’ll have to listen to find out!

Bachelor in Paradise 5ep2&3: Producers and war

In this episode we unleash our pent up frustrations developed during the Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons on an unsuspecting (and, perhaps, undeserving) Bachelor in Paradise.  We also talk about Jubilee’s remark about not having love without war in an extended dump on pop media.  Hit play and join us!

Bachelorette 14ep11 Bachelor in Paradise 5ep1: The damn thing is over with (and just beginning)

Just like that Becca’s chapter ends yet chapters for a dozen past rejects begins!  We’ve been here before: two nights, two series passing like ships in the dark.  Five full hours of content resulting in a 1 hour and 10 minute podcast.  Whew!  How is Garrett navigating his Insta likes? Will Becca support him? Who is that strange uncle? Are the producers manufacturing conflict between Tia and Colton? Who is that blonde guy?  We try to figure it all out, come join us for the ride!

Bachelorette 14MTA Proposal 1ep7: The unbearable lightness of broadcasting

What kind of podcasters would we be if we skipped The Men Tell All just because it was bad? We probably make the episode out to be worse than it actually was–if Twitter is a judge many watching at home liked, for example, Jordan’s antics. So we talk about that but also a bunch of other things to fill up time.  It’s actually pretty entertaining, we think, but then again we might be misjudging you folks listening at home.

Bachelorette 14ep9 Proposal 1ep6: Love versus in love

Like the Bachelorette episode itself it took us fifteen minutes to get into the podcast.  But a lot of that is because of our fascinating breakdown of Bachelor Masters data!  What does that mean?  Listen in to find out, we promise that it is…. data.  But you could be into that kind of thing.  We also wonder why Becca keeps saying “IN love” (emphasis ours) versus “love” and also what’s going to happen when Garrett wins. Join us!

Bachelorette 14ep8 Proposal 1ep5: Schrödinger’s date

A problem with these four guys is that they overlap in such a way that it’s difficult to know who they are without looking closely and looking closely changes our perception of the four guys.  You know, like…. Schrödinger’s cat.  (We’re really stretching here.)  Anyways, we try to fill up an hour and fifteen minutes based on these hometown dates and some of The Proposal.  Come along for the ride… if you can stomach it!