Bachelor in Paradise 4ep9: The worst ending in Bachelor history

Taylor and Derek’s proposal was so difficult to watch that we compare it to The Exorcist. We also compare lots of other things to lots of different other things in what is now becoming typical tangential discussion on the Bachelor Masters.  We hope you like it and want to come back in a few months after the hiatus! If not, well, it’ll be a sendoff not unlike Taylor and Derek.

Bachelor in Paradise 4ep7&8: When we turned on our favs

It was bound to happen: the way this season is going it was only a matter of time before we saw the dark side of our favorite cast members. Raven, Kristina, The Twins… whether it is the editing or reality show fatigue the spark might be gone, but at least our displeasure makes great podcast fodder!

Bachelor in Paradise 4ep5&6: Love of the attached is étanche

We bet that after last week you said to yourself, “I want an episode featuring the women.” Who wouldn’t? Last week the men set us up with varying implementations of mixed signals. and nothing brings out the worst in women like getting too attached on a reality dating show.

Bachelor in Paradise 4ep3&4: The tragedy that is this reality show

When Shakespeare wrote his tragedies he had historical figures with fatal flaws in mind. When producers of The Bachelor created Bachelor in Paradise they had Dean, Taylor, and Lacey in mind. Each of them have major flaws that have pissed off peers and viewers. So take note because some day this could be you.  Nah just kidding, but it’s all good teachable moments anyways.

Bachelorette 13ep11: Who loves who now?

Come one come all to the three hour finale breakdown with Craig and Chris as we once again tangent wildly while trying hard to stick to the story.  You know, the story about Rachel finding love with Peter… or, Bryan. We actually have a few wildly different takes on the whole situation so listen in as we make sense of it all!