Bachelor 23Ep11&12: The Road Not Taken

We messed up and forgot to talk about Air Supply! But, we did talk about everything else to the best of our ability up to and including Hannah B.’s red dress with the arm that goes down to the floor. We also try to come to some conclusions on what the Bachelor Franchise really means to us humans born into a large, undetermined Universe. It’s riveting podcasting, for sure, so please join us by hitting the play button!

Bachelor 23Ep9&WTA: Sex sells… but who’s selling?

We take the gloves off and dive deep into the Fantasy Suites. Which is funny because Colton himself didn’t “deep dive” in the Fantasy Suites. But enough innuendo! We debate the particulars of love, casual sex, heartbreak, feelings, and Cassie’s dad for a whole hour. After that we get around to tangenting and talk about Craig meeting the Angry Video Game Nerd and the Gaming Historian (even though Craig isn’t a gamer). Hit play and join us for what could be our penultimate podcast episode!

Bachelor 23Ep8: Live from East Hollywood!

Surprise! We recorded live from an East Hollywood Bachelor Watch Party last night hosted by awesome Bachelor Masters fans Miriam and Leah! Note that we cut out various pauses, breaks, and times when we weren’t talking because we were watching the episode (more like cringing at the episode) which takes it down to about an hour. Come along for the ride in what is our first live remote!

Bachelor 23Ep7: What Is To Be Done?

It seems that our last podcast episode was too nice on the Bachelor franchise so we overcompensate by being pretty mean and upset on this one. Particularly, what’s up with the fence not being jumped? This may seem like a small thing but Co-host Craig makes it into a big deal. And, kidding aside, we feel that the Women of Color on the show are being unfairly treated by the other contestants and the producers. If you like tangents, you’ll like this episode. Press play and join us!

Bachelor 23Ep5: Gross and grosser

In this episode we take on the various interpersonal dramas between woman and man and woman and woman and rain and humidity. The latter leads to gross perspiration which has us pondering if attraction is based on sweat. Also gross is the staging of the three-way fight at the end, that Colton joins… err, runs away from. Is this when he jumps the fence? Will he jump anything?

Bachelor 23ep4: Fear factor

Co-host Craig is a little distracted today. So while in this podcast episode we don’t talk about “fear” or “Fear Factor,” he phoned in the title, “Fear factor,” based on an off-hand remark by Iciar. Fear factor! It sounds cool. Like bungee jumping: it sounds cool but probably really isn’t. None of us will ever know. But Colton now knows! We cover that and a bunch of other things, including how Bachelor contestants might consider unionizing, in this low-energy yet action packed hour.

Bachelor 23ep3: On the words “like” and “death”

These are serious words, dear listener: “like” as a discourse marker and “death” as a source of strength. That’s about it, no reason to make fun. Except with Demi, who likes to dish fun. And Hannah B and Caelynn whose post-fallout friendship is fun too. It’s all in this serious yet fun episode of the Bachelor Masters!

Bachelor 23ep2: 50, 100, or… zero

Since all dudes, of course, ask each other how many people they’ve slept with we thought we’d go ahead and name this podcast episode after Colton’s big on-stage reveal of zero. But to all listeners: we agree with you, this virginity thing is old. Let’s move on to something else. Like Co-host Chris being back! He is, in fact, back and refreshed from a fun vacation. Hear him and us other two co-hosts tangent down this week’s Bachelor by clicking play. You’ll have fun! Three person episode!

Bachelor 23ep1: Kingdom of the Krystal Skull

With Co-host Chris away this week, Itziar and Craig run the podcast with just them two. Like, run past the first hour of the premiere which was filled with awful live remotes. Despite the rough beginnings the rest of the three hours was actually pretty good. And, Craig seems to have jumped on board the Colton bandwagon much to Itziar’s chagrin. It’s all right here in this podcast episode. Hit play and join in on the fun! Krystal in a hot tub! A woman just like Krystal interrupting four times! Two person episode!