Bachelor 25ep4: Producer intervention

The producers need an intervention, meaning, they need to stop intervening in the show. Right? From Victoria to five new women, it’s becoming too much for us to handle. This results in a slightly less cohesive podcast episode than we’re used to producing, but if you hang with us we do make some good points such as a lengthy discussion on escorting. We then get into playing clips from past seasons, which makes Co-host Craig really giddy. Come join us for all of the fun!

Bachelor 25ep3: The Long Goodbye

It took a long time for Sarah to say goodbye in this episode, but it’s not just the exit that makes us think of the movie, The Long Goodbye. Rather, it’s the self-obsession, the meaninglessness of friendships and love, that links the Bachelor to the film. Know what we mean? Well, even if you don’t, you can still listen to this podcast episode because we have lots of interesting conversation around Sarah, Victoria, Katie, Rachel, Serena, and, of course, Matt, who we grill during our Fashion Roundup. Join us for all of the topics and all the fun by clicking the play button!

Bachelor 25ep2: The puffy dress

Just like Seinfeld had the puffy shirt, this episode has the puffy dress, which we talk about throughout our podcast and also during the Fashion Roundup. And whoa is there some fashion, such as Matt’s jackets, Victoria (again…) in her purple PJs, and Franco’s pink getup. Unrelated to fashion, we critique young parents, talk about leaving one’s caretaker duties for a reality show, and speculate on why Victoria (again, yeesh…) goes after Marylynn. It’s all here rapid-fire and we’d love for you to hit play and join us!

Bachelor 25ep1: Fashion forward

We try something a little different in this podcast episode, which is to start with the Fashion Roundup and thread (pun intended) each contestant’s dress into our analysis. If that’s not enough to peak your interest, we also talk about race, Christianity, villains, ableism, and and privilege. Pretty cool, eh? We think so and we’d love to have you along for the ride, so hit the play button and join us!

Bachelorette 16ep12&13: Zac to the future

Listen in to our action-packed podcast season finale where we break down an ice bath, synchronized breathing, our problems with Zac, Twitter quibbles, whether this season was fake Bachelor-produced nonsense, a proposal, blood-diamonds, and a lot more. We end with our usual Fashion Roundup where we talk about symmetry, lingerie, the 90s, and t-shirts. It’s all here and we’d love for you to hit the play button!

Bachelorette MTA&11: Zac wants kids, now America loves him

What can we say, we’re confused by Bachelor Nation’s love for Zac. It seems that the pivotal moment in his rise is his declaration that Tayshia has made him want to marry and have kids. Doesn’t that bump any guy’s score up? We discuss all of that in length along with the Men Tell All (which wasn’t that good), Ben (who suddenly seems like a villain), Brendon and Ivan (not much to say there), and wrap up with our usual Fashion Roundup (for which there’s a lot to say). Hit the play button and join us!

Bachelorette 16ep9: On Bennett and other things

There’s very little to talk about in this episode which means that, in classic Bachelor Masters style, we find a lot to talk about. Bennett takes center stage as Co-host Iciar (sort of) defends him while our other co-hosts don’t, we wonder what’s up with Ed after he gets cut, ponder if Noah is a good guy, discuss Ben and his life stories, and end with the Fashion Roundup. Click the play button and join us!

Bachelorette 16ep8: Stripping for money and love

Our podcast episode starts off with Co-host Craig revealing some activities of his past that, believe it or not, relate to Ben getting naked during the group art date. This leads to Co-host Iciar and Co-host Caitlin telling some of their memories. Then, believe it or not, we talk about what happens on the show including more about art and Surrealism, Eazy blowing it, Zac being a creeper/non-creeper, and some thoughts on Tayshia. Hit the play button and join us!

Bachelorette 16ep7: On Ivan’s culpability

As you might suspect, we Bachelor Masters have a few things to say about Ivan and Tayshia’s conversation about race, the police, and prisons. We take some angles you might not expect and try to carefully articulate our positions. This is unlike Ed, who in his intervals on the show has trouble articulating anything especially to Chris Harrison at their late-night rendezvous. We then get to other parts of the episode, such as, ya know, orgasming through a loud speaker. It’s all here in this podcast episode, so hit the play button and join us!

Bachelorette 16ep6: Boujee bourgeois bachelors

What is Boujee? We try to figure that out then go on to other phrases of the episode: Smoke Show and Grown Ass Man. And also: Chicken Legs, Phony, and fake babies. There’s a lot to sift through before we can even get to the bulk of the episode, which is: Toxic Masculinity and oil-upped sports. After we deconstruct those biggies we get to fashion in our usual Fashion Roundup. Whew! It’s a lot but join us and we promise to make sense!